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About the Downtown Omaha Sidewalk Improvement Project

If you recently received a letter from the City regarding sidewalk improvement requirements on your property, don’t panic! The Omaha Downtown Improvement District is here to help you navigate.

Here are 5 things you need to know:

1. The timeline isn't as scary as it sounds

You have 1 year to schedule your own improvements, or the City can schedule the work for you within their masterplan, which may take up to five years or more, depending on the scope of the individual project.

2. Resources are available

We realize the letter did not outline exact needs. For more complete information, contact the City sidewalk inspector whose number is listed in your letter, or call the Public Works department at 402-444-5220.

3. ODID is here to help

You can also call ODID at 402-916-1796 to learn more. We can answer questions, address your concerns, and help you connect with the right people to coordinate the project.

4. Cost will be determined

We cannot provide estimates because just like our historic buildings, each sidewalk in the Old Market is so unique. The City inspector will schedule a time to assess specific improvements and provide projected costs for your property.

5. How sidewalk improvements benefit you

Property value, economic growth, safety and competitive advantages are improved when downtown sidewalks are not dilapidated.

The sidewalk improvement project will connect our community in more ways than one. Safe, beautiful, well-maintained sidewalks increase attraction to the Old Market, which is important as it competes with newer neighborhoods. Improvements will help maintain its unique, historic charm for decades to come.