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Omaha Downtown Improvement District (DID) Association



Election of DID Board of Directors
Votes due by Thursday, January 31 at 4:30 p.m.

To vote online, you email your selection to CityClerk@CityofOmaha.org with subject line “ODID Election”. Make sure you include your name and address to verify your eligibility or your vote will not count. One voting ballot accepted per address.


  • This ballot is for all property owners within the boundaries of each ward within the District.
  • To vote for a candidate, mark an “X” in the box to the LEFT of his or her name.
  • A map is attached here that you can determine which ward your property is located in.  You can only vote in the ward election where your property is located.
  • Write-in votes are permitted.  Candidate’s address must appear on the ballot to be valid.

WARD 1 (Vote for one)

            No Candidates

         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

            Address: ________________________________________________________

WARD 2 (Vote for one)

         Name: _CarolineMcBride____________________________________________

            Address: __1201 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, NE 68102___________________

Candidates Statement: Caroline McBride is a 'property owner' board member of the ODIDA who loves living and working in downtown Omaha.  She and her wife, MJ McBride live at the Rows at SOMA with their Boston Terrier, Bella and black cat, Reo.  Caroline is the founder/owner of Rebel Interactive, a digital branding agency in Little Bohemia and also co-owns Chicks in Charge, a commercial real estate company.  Other boards she serves on are the SOMA Home Owners Board and the Old Market Association Board.  She volunteers for the Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue and is involved in other animal rescue activities.  She spends most of her summer boating on Lake Okoboji, where she has a lake house.  A few things that Caroline loves are: MJ, her freedom, her friends, REBEL, Boston Terriers (especially Bella), Nebraska Football, Mexican food, 80's music, Netflix, Key West, and Las Casa's pizza.

         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

            Address: ________________________________________________________

WARD 3 (Vote for one)

         Name: __Dan Emanuel________________________________________

            Address: __416 S 14th Street, Omaha, NE 68102____________________

Candidates Statement: I am the owner of 3 properties downtown including the Historic Medlar Building where I have lived and worked for 34 years. The Medlar Building gained a Landmarks Preservation Award in 1986 and was named as an Omaha Landmark Building in 2001.  I have owned Emanuel Construction Specialties, a building specialties subcontractor, for 38 years. I have worked with commercial contractors and architects on hundreds of building projects in the state of Nebraska, including many in downtown Omaha. I served on industry related boards including the Omaha Builders Exchange and was president of that board three years. I have served on the DID board for 10 years, including time on the Pedestrian Amenities Committee, as Secretary, and currently as Board President. I am also on the board of the ODID Foundation. I would like to continue with the important work of the DID.

         Name: __Ryan Kuehl________________________________________

            Address: __1421 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68102____________________

Candidates Statement: As a commercial real estate broker for Investors Realty, Inc., I specialize in repurposing buildings that may have reached a functional or economic obsolescence in Downtown Omaha. I have become fascinated with the way our Central Business District operates as well as the future it holds. After recently purchasing a commercial property, I would like my involvement to continue to grow. Creating a downtown that continues to attract and retain residents, businesses and visitors is vital to the success of Omaha and what this organization achieves daily. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve our urban core and believe I would bring a unique perspective as a young professional, commercial broker and investor in Downtown. I appreciate the opportunity and believe this organization has a tremendous opportunity to continue to discover an improved downtown.

         Name: __Greg Poor________________________________________

            Address: __1401 Jackson Street, Omaha, NE 68102____________________

Candidates Statement: I have owned 1401 Jackson Street for 15 years. I have really enjoyed watching this area evolve. I see the amazing potential for continued growth and development. For over 20 years, I have been involved in developing and repurposing historic buildings in the Omaha metro area. I am a serial entrepreneur, having owned and operated multiple businesses: my passion is helping diverse entrepreneurs realize their dreams by creatively structuring leases to fit their needs and giving guidance as needed. Given the opportunity, I am hopeful that by becoming an ODID board member, I can be an advocate for neighboring properties, businesses, and residents. I believe I have the experience and dedication necessary to contribute to the causes laid out by the ODID.

         Name: __Larry Richling________________________________________

            Address: __1402 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, NE 68102____________________

Candidates Statement: I currently reside at 14th & Leavenworth and am also the property owner. My wife, Mary, and I have been residents of downtown for eight years. We are currently owners of Hollywood Candy in the Old Market, and the River City Star riverboat which operates on the Omaha riverfront. The growth that is expected on Omaha's riverfront and the continued changes to downtown need someone who is passionate about being proactive in helping with carrying that momentum forward. My past life involved owning a large mortgage banking firm, and a large real estate development company which owned and operated hotels, restaurants and apartments. Those businesses, as well as my current ones, reflect a well-rounded, energetic candidate who is ready to help get things done.


         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

            Address: ________________________________________________________                

WARD 4 (Vote for one)

         Name: __Arnold Reeves________________________________________

            Address: __1200 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68102_______________________

Candidates Statement: Arnold Reeves is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Omaha Performing Arts and has been employed at OPA for over 12 years.  His responsibilities include oversight for the finance and administration department which includes all financial and accounting for Omaha Performing Arts and the OPAS Foundation, facilities and housekeeping, Ticket Omaha, front of house, security, information technology, food service and event coordination. Mr. Reeves oversees all aspects of the operations of both facilities, the Holland Performing Arts Center and the Orpheum Theater. OPA has 500,000 visitors annual to the two facilities and a vibrant downtown is very important to the organization.  He has served as a board member for the Omaha Downtown Improvement District for 8 years and current is the organization’s Treasurer.

         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

            Address: ________________________________________________________    


  • This ballot is for residents (tenants and owners) having residential addresses within the boundaries of the District.
  • To vote for a candidate, mark an “X” in the box to the LEFT of his or her name.
  • Vote for no more than two (2) candidates.
  • Write-in votes are permitted.  Candidate’s address must appear on the ballot to be valid.

         Name: ___Matthew Bosch___________________________________________

            Address: __1223 Mayberry Plz, Omaha, NE 68102________________________

Candidates Statement: Having previously lived in midtown Atlanta and downtown Sacramento, I've experienced first-hand the positive results that maintaining a vibrant, welcoming, and green focus has on a community.  Omaha and its residents have taken tremendous strides in recent years to improve and energize our city.  Investing in our downtown has played a major part in that growth.  My main focus as part of the board would be to help prioritize smart capital projects and to continuously bring unique, new programming to downtown that can provide safe entertainment for both visitors and residents. My wife Laura and I are thrilled to both live and work in downtown Omaha. I would be honored to be able to offer my time, energy and enthusiasm towards helping craft and maintain a pleasant and dynamic downtown experience to be enjoyed by all.

         Name: ___Samuel Giustra____________________________________________

            Address: __1024 Dodge Street #405, Omaha, NE 68102____________________

Candidates Statement: My name is Sam Giustra and I am running for the ODID board. I purchased a condo downtown almost 10 years ago. I realized the amazing potential of the area. The continued growth and development have been amazing. I have run a business for 29 years. Duties included negotiating contracts, sales, and marketing. I hired and fired employees and handled all administrative and financial transactions including budgets, payroll, and taxes. I have a working knowledge of construction, plumbing, and electrical. I have bid and supervised commercial and residential projects. As well as building many things on my own. I truly enjoy people. Getting out, meeting new people, and being involved are my favorite things. My dog loves me, that has to count for something, right? A love of downtown, a solid business background, and a good knowledge of construction is what I have to offer. Thanks

         Name: ___Dayton Headlee____________________________________________

            Address: __1115 Harney Street #2, Omaha, NE 68102______________________

Candidates Statement: Hello, I’m Dayton Headlee. I’m proud to have lived my entire life in Omaha, graduating from public schools and UNO, and residing in the Old Market since 2013. Currently, I am in management at a local hospital and serve on the board of Heartland School, a local nonprofit school for disadvantaged students. This community has done so much for me, and I do everything I can to give back. Improving security, keeping streets and parks clean, and better communicating resources available will be my priorities on the board. As a young leader, I feel I can offer a unique voice for our community. I would greatly appreciate your support for Downtown Improvement District Board. Thank you.                                                                              

        Name: ____Rebecca Hippen___________________________________________

            Address: ___312 S 16th Street #206, Omaha, NE 68102_____________________

Candidates Statement: I am a new resident to Downtown Omaha. I come from a small-town background and want to bring my values to the city. I am a firm believer that you should be involved in the community you live in and hope to serve you once elected. I bring several years of experience as a business professional as well as a focused background in finance. Downtown Omaha has so much to offer. It is a vibrant and lively scene that I want visitors to fall in love with it and see it for what it really is – an exciting attraction with so much culture and excitement around every corner. I also feel that safety is a pressing issue. I want people to feel safe when walking around during the day or evening. I have many ideas and will bring a fresh young point of view to this committee.


         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

            Address: ________________________________________________________                                        


  • This ballot is for business tenants having business addresses within the boundaries of the District.
  • To vote for a candidate, mark an “X” in the box to the LEFT of his or her name.
  • Vote for no more than three (3) candidates.
  • Write-in votes are permitted.  Candidate’s address must appear on the ballot to be valid.

         Name: ___Patty Bain____________________________________________

            Business: __Marriott Downtown at the Capitol District _________________

Candidates Statement: Patty has lived in Omaha since June 1975. She has been in the Hotel Hospitality industry since 1986. Being passionate about our downtown, she was more than happy to join the newly formed ODID Board in 2007. As the ODID worked to create a Cleaner, Greener and Safer downtown, Patty was chairperson of the Tree Committee. After hiring Arborist, Jack Phillips, the Tree Board was formed to include key members of the city, from Planning, Public Works, and the Parks departments in order to obtain the goals of planting trees in an Urban environment. We were proud to become designated as an affiliate site of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, and the only downtown site within the NSA system. Patty joined the Marriott Downtown in Oct 2017, and is thrilled to be back downtown, and would be honored to serve on the board.

         Name: ___Elizabeth Kittell________________________________________

            Business: __Pretty In Patina________________________________________

Candidates Statement: Owner of Pretty In Patina vintage jewelry boutique Elizabeth Kittell has a passion for Omaha’s historic Old Market area.  From her Pretty In Patina desk, Kittell also specializes in insuring jewelers, pawnbrokers, and coin dealers.  Her career experience in managing a Nebraska non-profit inspired her to include fundraisers in her marketing campaigns for Pretty In Patina.   Kittell is active in the local fashion community serving as a board member on the Fashion Institute Guild. She hopes joining the Omaha Downtown Improvement District board will allow her to contribute to the part of the city immediately surrounding her business.  She hopes to be a mouthpiece for her neighboring business owners and customer residents in Downtown Omaha.  Kittell has a passion for creating local events to draw a new customer base into the Downtown area.    

         Name: ___John Sova________________________________________

            Business: __RDG Planning & Design____________________________

Candidates Statement: John A. Sova is the President and a Managing Principal of the Omaha office of RDG Planning & Design and has been with the firm since 1981. RDG’s office has been in the Greenhouse Building (900 Farnam Street) since 2001. A graduate of Leadership Omaha’s 13th class, John is currently an elected member and Vice-President of Omaha’s Downtown Improvement District Board of Directors serving on the board since 2010. He is a board member of the Child Saving Institute and the Child Saving Institute Foundation and is a member of the board of the Omaha Cathedral Arts Project. Born and raised in Omaha, a licensed architect, John received his Architectural Degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, is a guest lecturer at UNL’s College of Architectural School for the past 15 years and serves on UNL’s Architectural Professional Advisory Council.

         Write-in Name: __________________________________________________

Business: _______________________________________________________     Address: ________________________________________________________     


 If you have voting questions, please contact the City Clerk's office at 402-444-5550 or CityClerk@CityofOmaha.org.




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