Who's Responsible?

There are many different entities within our Downtown district that it can often be confusing who's responsibility for what. We hope you will find this information useful in clarifying that and find out how you can get involved.

Property Owners

From Doorway to Curbline

  • Not leaving material and litter along any street, alley or sidewalk that can endanger the safety of persons passing along (link)
  • Trees
    • To protect the established trees when working on property (link)
    • Pay for the installation of all trees (link)
    • Replace, within 6 months, all trees that die or are in poor condition one calendar year or more after planting (DID can help consult on type of tree and maintenance) 
    • Maintain trees after planting, including watering and fertilizing 
  • Snow removal (link)
    • Sidewalks must be clear of snow and ice within 24 hours after the city has declared that snow removal operations on the city's major streets are complete
    • Alleys must be clear for services such as trash pickup
  • Flowerbeds
    • Should be kept up by owners such as planting, weeding and watering
  • Sidewalks
    • Upkeep is the responsibility of owner; the city may fix sidewalks and assess the owners (link)
  • Alleys
    • Cleaniness is on property owner/businesses
    • Snow removal 

The City

Public Amenities

  • Police & Fire Services
  • Public sidewalk trash cans dumped Monday to Saturday
  • Graffiti clean up
  • Snow removal: on roads and public parking lots; public park sidewalks
  • Flower plantings at 11th & Howard and Library 
  • Trees (link)
    • Trimming and removal (not stump) of trees over 20 feet
    • Furnish the trees to be planted
    • Approve the type of tree and details of how the tree is to be installed
    • City Forester will evaluate planted trees within one calendar year of planting. If, in the forester's opinion, the tree needs replacement, the City will provide the install the replacement tree. After one year, the adjacent property owner or owners are responsible for tree replacement

Omaha Downtown Improvement District

Bridging the Gap

ODIDA is funded by a special assessment from the county on the value of commercial & residential property within a the boundaries of the district. Payment is collected from property owners yearly. We also seek after grants to fund above and beyond projects.

Mission: to support, preserve, create and enhance a clean, green, safe and active, competitive and thriving Downtown Omaha that attracts and retains businesses, employees, residents and visitors. 

  • Curbline cleanup of litter and debris
  • Snow removal in crosswalks
  • Help plant and maintain trees under 20 feet tall (link)
  • Certain flowerbeds within the district are planted & maintain (see inventory map)
  • Hire extra security and off-duty officers for daily patrols
  • Host Ambassadors to assist visitors during summer
  • Promote Downtown happenings to public
  • Advocate and lobby on behalf of downtown businesses, residents, and property owners
  • Resource of information for entities 

Read more about each program at OmahaDowntown.org.

Old Market Association

Common Interest

OMA is mainly funded through yearly memberships from businesses and residents in the area. Grants, donations and sponsorships are sought after as well. 

Mission: works to improve the experience of those visiting, working, and living in Omaha's Old Market.

  • Promotion and advocacy of the Old Market and businesses
  • Communications on what's happening in the area
  • Activate the area through passive amenities and events
  • Host and maintain a website of local businesses and attractions
  • Holiday decor if funding is available

Learn more about joining at OldMarket.com.

Get Involved!

Make a difference

Organizational Boards and committees

  • ODIDA board meetings are open to the public - last Tuesday of the month 5:30pm
  • Public can join the ODIDA Committees - learn more here
    • Activation, Pedestrian Amenities, & Security
  • Join OMA - be on a committee and attend membership meetings
    • Marketing, Membership, Website, & Special Project meetings
    • Membership meetings First Tuesday of the month at 9am
  • Attend City Council meetings on Tuesdays at 2pm - agendas here

Submit reports to Mayor's Hotline OmahaHotline.com - sidewalks, graffiti, potholes, building code and safety, litter/waste, and weeds

Donate monetarily - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info

Updated Jan. 2022