Marketing Yourself to Employers

Wednesday, October 21 via Zoom

Earlier this summer, the Omaha DID (Downtown Improvement District) focused on helping small-to-medium size businesses learn to use online-based platforms for marketing their products and services. Now, we are shifting the focus to individuals/professionals and how they should market themselves as assets to potential employers. Whether you are new to the modern-day job-seeking world or just looking for a refresher, our four-segment webinar will teach you how to stand out from the competition!

Note: The DID is exploring alternative options for those who do not have access to a computer and/or Internet. Therefore, if you are interested in attending the webinar but do not currently have the means to do so, please still complete your registration when the link is made available. The DID will include a question in the registration survey to determine if potential attendees require assistance in accessing the webinar.

Event Schedule:

  • Crucial Tips for Writing Professionally (9:00AM – 10:30AM) – Guest Speaker: Marian Kaiser with Universary of Nebraska - Omaha
    • 15 minute intermission
  • Modern Day Job Search and Networking Tools (10:45AM – 11:45AM) – Guest Speaker: Dawn Nizzi with Metro Community College
    • 75 minute lunch break
  • Interview Like a Pro (1:00PM – 2:30PM) – Guest Speakers: Whitney Hoskins & Hope Vavra with First National Bank
    • 15 minute intermission
  • Dressing the Part (2:45PM – 3:45PM) – Guest Speaker: Magan Smith with NEXT | Recruitment & Consulting