Snow Season

Reminder for this snowy season ahead

Omaha Downtown Improvement District wants to share a few reminders for everyone Downtown.


If you see any sidewalks, alleys, or areas not cleared and dangerous, you can contact the Mayor's Hotline at 402-444-5555 or omahahotline.com. The Hotline needs to receive exact addresses and locations of problems. They will help reach out to the responsible party to clear the needed areas.

If you see anything else needing to be reported to the Mayor's hotline (graffiti, potholes, or other concerns listed) you can use the above website. It is super handy with it having GPS location to simply mark the problem location. You can even save it to your phone home-screen.

Property Owners

  • Clear sidewalks promptly; especially if your walk is next to a busy road. If pedestrians are forced to walk in the street, accidents can occur. Sidewalks should be cleared away from the street rather than pushing snow back towards the street.
  • Please use dog-paw safe snow melt products, our furry friends would sincerely appreciate it.
  • Clear snow around mailboxes and fire hydrants. Do not bury hydrants with snow from walks or drives.
  • Be a good neighbor. The good deed will be returned. Whether it is running the snow blower a few extra feet down your neighbor's walk or making sure you do not blow snow on your neighbor's already-cleared walkway, these considerations will be remembered.
  • If your home has stairs or steep walks, consider using ice melt. It will prevent snow from thawing and refreezing creating a very treacherous condition.


As the City is responsible for clearing the streets and property owners the sidewalks, we - the Downtown Improvement District - try to clear the pedestrian walkways of snow. There usually is a mound of snow created by snowplows and for the safety of the pedestrian commuter, we try to clear a path through those piles.

Problem area - give us a call with the location 402-916-1796.