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Mission: To support, preserve, create and enhance a clean, green, safe and active, competitive and thriving Downtown Omaha that attracts and retains businesses, employees, residents, and visitors.

The Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association (ODID) was established by City Ordinance 6874 in 2007. The ODID Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer elected representatives from the various constituencies within the District: businesses, residents, and property owners all have seats.

The vision of the Association is to create a more inviting and attractive Downtown region for residents, businesses, property owners, visitors, and investors by developing projects that reflect the needs and desires of the District. Improvement activities includes beautification and litter removal, economic development programs, safety and security enhancements, advocacy, and activation.

As the Association works to create a thriving Downtown community, each committee strives to develop, support, and maintain initiatives which advocate for diversity and inclusion, focus on positive growth within Downtown Omaha, and provide educational resources that support economic growth and equal opportunity.

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