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Omaha's Recycling Program Changes

Recycling is Evolving
Global market conditions have brought challenges for all USA recycling operations. China has changed some of their recycling policies, and the ramifications are rippling down to us in Omaha. The positive outcomes however, will mean that we'll be able to recycle more materials than we've ever been able to before!

Residential Recycling Programs
Are not changing.  For those Downtown properties who are able to participate in the current residential recycling program, you can continue to recycle within your home with the green bins. To see what is accepted check out wasteline.org.

For those Downtown properties who currently use drop-off sites such as the bin provided by the DID in Heartland Park, be aware that the bins will change and you will need to separate glass from other containers. 

Commercial Recycling Programs
Is changing! FirstStar, who handles all recycling for Omaha, is changing how they accept recycles from businesses. There will now be separate bins for cardboard only, glass only and for all other containers, plastics, paper, paperboard, aluminum/metal, and aseptics. Recyclable materials will need to be loose within compactors, dumpsters, and bins, not in plastic bags.

Avoid contents with contamination such as food and liquid waste. Those need to be put in the trash.

Speak with your hauler if you have specific questions. If you are needing funding for new recycling containers, look at the grants available from the Nebraska Recycling Council. They have a great funding program for these challenges.

Check out Verdis Group for more information on changes.


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