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ODID Board Meeting & Mayoral Forum Public Statement


For Immediate Release - OMAHA, March 29, 2017 - On Tuesday evening, March 28th, the Omaha Downtown Improvement District (ODID) hosted our regular monthly Board meeting at Embassy Suites. Our meetings are always open to the public and we always have a 20-40 minute speaker present about a topic important to Downtown. In light of the upcoming Mayoral election, we wanted to hear from the candidates. Due to the limited time frame of our regular meetings, it seemed prudent to invite only those two candidates who were at the top of the polls and fundraising pools. We had a lively discussion and a great turnout of our Board members and the public.

In retrospect, however, we recognize that in excluding the other three candidates from the meeting that we were not allowing everyone’s voices to be heard. We sincerely apologize to the other three candidates and pledge to be more inclusive in the future.

One candidate in particular, Ean Mikale, made a special effort to attend and make himself be heard. To Mr. Mikale, we offer a personal thank you for his tolerance as we struggled to handle a delicate situation. We hope that in allowing him to speak and answer the same questions as the other two candidates, that we were somewhat able to rectify a mishandled issue.

The Omaha Downtown Improvement District is publicly funded and we have a diverse constituency that is reflected on our Board of men and women from the downtown business and residential community. We believe that Downtown is a place for everyone and we work hard to advocate for the needs of everyone who lives, works, or plays here. 



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